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Professional Window Cleaning


charlotte window cleaning
charlotte window washer

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The Team

Lake norman window cleaning
Blake & Emily Varner

Our Team

Our Team




Why choose Varner Window Cleaning?

Our Team

Our clean, uniformed, and dedicated team is here to provide your home or business with the professional care you expect and require. We are a family run business. We know what home means. During interior cleaning you will always find us in smoke free clothing with booties on our feet. We will always treat your home with respect. If furniture needs to be moved during the cleaning process, we will do so with care. 

Pure Water Technology

For many jobs, we use a four stage water filtration system to obtain the purest water possible for use in window cleaning. Using this water in conjunction with a water fed pole results in the best possible clean for your windows. Each window is thoroughly scrubbed of all dirt and given a spot free rinse. The benefits of using pure water are numerous. The biggest of all being safety. The use of ladders is greatly reduced using this technique.

Details Matter

Pure water cleaning is one of the latest standard in window cleaning, but not right for all situations. Regardless of the technique or tool used, our work is meticulous and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Window cleaning is our profession. We only use techniques and tools that leave your windows looking their best. Every job is important, no matter how big or small, and no job is left unfinished. Every window we clean is inspected for quality.

Easy and Hassle Free

Your window cleaning should be quick, well done, and without surprises. Follow the link below to get your free quote, or give us call. You won't be disappointed. We are dedicated to providing you with a hassle free experience that will give your home or business that extra shine.

Charlotte window cleaning
lake norman window washer
window cleaner charlotte
charlotte window cleaner
window cleaner charlotte
window cleaning lake norman

How We Price

You have the option to have either the exterior only, or both the interior and exterior of your windows cleaned. We recommend having both sides cleaned. Not only is it a better value for you, but you will be amazed at how clean your windows can be! Exterior cleaning includes a cleaning of all exterior glass and sills. Interior/exterior cleaning includes a cleaning of all glass and sills, as well as a cleaning of the window track. Below you can see how we price a few common window styles (residential pricing)

**We apologize for any inconvenience, but Varner Window Cleaning, LLC does NOT offer cleaning on storm windows at this time.

small Transom/
Door framing
Single/Double hung
Sliding glass doors
crank out
Exterior Only: $5.00
Interior/Exterior: $8.00
Exterior Only: $5.00
Interior/Exterior: $8.00
Exterior Only: $2.00
Interior/Exterior: $3.00
Exterior Only: $10.00 per set
Interior/Exterior: $16.00 per set
Exterior Only: $2.00
Interior/Exterior: $3.00
Exterior Only: $5.00
Interior/Exterior: $8.00

Screen cleaning

Have screens? What good is a shiny window if the screen is dirty?! Each screen will be carefully removed and thoroughly washed with water and solution. Screen cleaning is priced at $3.00 each.





Phone: (704) 614-5575




3 Easy Options!

- There are 3 quick and easy options for you to get your free quote. Choose the one that works for you, click the button below, and get ready for sparkling windows.

1. Photos

The fastest and most accurate way is to provide a photo of each side of the house, showing as many windows as possible. After filling out the contact form in the link below, send your photos to either (704) 614-5575 or along with your name and address. 

2. Window count

Before filling out the contact form, take a walk around the outside of your home or business and count the windows. (Refer to our window guide for assistance). We will provide an estimate based on these numbers.

3. Schedule a walk around*

We are more than happy to come out and do a quick walk around of the home or business and provide you with an accurate quote. Free of charge of course!


*This method may take a few days more than the others as we are a small company.